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Last update: 17 June 2023


The site owner under the name George Vergados (hereafter the “Site Owner”) is the holder and legal administrator of the website http://www.vergados.gr/ (hereafter the “Website”). Access to and use of the Website and content is provided subject to these terms and conditions. By accessing the Website, you automatically accept the present terms.

The Site Owner reserves the right to modify the present terms from time to time. Therefore, you must check them regularly in order to ensure that you are aware of their updated version as applicable.


Access to and use of the Website and content is realized only for the purposes it is intended for. Access to and use of the Website shall not in any way be realized or constitute a breach of applicable law or of the legal rights of the Site Owner or third parties.


It is common practice to post content on the Website, which is protected by intellectual property rights of the Site Owner or of its licensors, like, for instance, trademarks and logos, designs, photographs and images, content as such. Access to the website allows for the viewing and reading of the content for informative, promotional or any other purposes explicitly stated in the present terms, as well as in the Website. Copying, distorting, interfering with and in general processing or using the Website in a way different from the intended use is prohibited unless otherwise stipulated in the present terms or in special terms that might be posted on the Website on a case-by-case basis or as long as you have obtained a special permission by the Site Owner for the specific purpose.

Where applicable, notifications are posted or appear on the Website regarding the permissible use of the content and the ownership rights protecting it. You must use the content in compliance with these notifications.

With the exception of personal data you share with us via the Website (e.g. information you provide us with for communication purposes, data for receipt of orders etc.), you grant the Site Owner a universal, non-exclusive license to use, copy, reproduce, process, modify, publish the content you submit in the Website for any purpose.

Access to and use of the services and conveniences provided by the Website does not in any allow interfering with it or with the individual elements that comprise it and allow its operation. It is prohibited in any way to proceed with the modification, deconstruction, de-compilation or copy of part of or the entire content or of the operational data items comprising the Website.


Safeguarding the continuous and uninterrupted availability of the Website is fundamental to our Site Owner. However, we recognize and inform you that the internet is not a stable environment and its availability depends on and might be affected by factors that are beyond the control of the Site Owner and are also unpredictable and volatile. Hence, the Site Owner cannot guarantee the uninterrupted availability, access and use of the Website and its content to the extent that this depends on your access to the internet.

We reserve the right to interrupt or temporarily suspend the operation of the Website, limit or/and restrict access to it with or without prior notice, depending on the situation it is faced with, such as, for instance, in case of failure, maintenance or repair of the systems supporting it or for reasons beyond our control. Moreover, we are not liable for any possible failure or delay in the access or provision of a service or convenience provided via or by using the Website and which is due to incidents beyond our reasonable control including force majeure incidents. 


We hereby grant you permission to access and use the Website and the content included in it, subject to the following terms:

  • You may not use or distribute any part of the content and the information included in or posted on the Website to any third party and via any means, unless you have our explicit consent or this action serves the intended purpose of the Website.
  • You may not modify, alter and in general interfere in any part of the Website, visual, essential or/and operational.
  • You may not attempt any deactivation or interference in any operations or features related to or/and ensuring the safe operation, access and use of the Website.
  • You may not use the Website in any way that might affect the availability, accessibility and in general the use of the Website as intended.
  • You may not use the Website for any purpose that can be considered unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, misleading or obscene or for any other inappropriate purpose.


In case of infringement of any of the present terms, we reserve the right to proceed with any action we consider as appropriate to confront the violation and its consequences; indicatively:

  1. Send you a recommendation or notification.
  2. Proceed with any extrajudicial or judicial claim for damage recovery or expenses that have accrued as a result of the violation.
  3. In case you have access to particular services via your registration to the Website as a registered user, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or revoke your right to access or use the Website.
  4. Notify the competent authorities by providing any information required under the legislation in force, if this is deemed necessary and imperative.


Access to and use of the Website is at your own risk. The Website is provided with the particular content. In any case, though, we apply all necessary technical measures to protect the users of the Website from any malicious software or content; however, the Site Owner does not in any case guarantee that the Website is completely free of malware or viruses or other sort of elements that might damage the equipment and the content of the users who have access to it. We start from the premise that you are applying to the equipment you are using to access the Website appropriate and adequate procedures of protection, control and recovery from violations, malware, viruses and other elements in order to fulfill the requirements for the accuracy and safety of data input and output.

The content of the Website is informational. Its exploitation and use must be realized in accordance with its intended purpose and does not in any way have a consulting profile. The Site Owner is not liable for any damage of any sort (losses, expenditures, obligations, loss of profits or expenses) that might be associated with or accrue from the use, access or dependency on the content of the Website. 


In all cases that the Website contains a link to another website provided by third parties, its access and use is realized exclusively in accordance with the access and use terms specified by the administrator of this website, while we disclaim any responsibility, guarantee or liability. 

We do not in any way control or interfere in the content of these websites and we do not provide any guarantee or assurance regarding their content, availability, operation or safety in relation to their access and use and thus we assume no responsibility whatsoever.


We reserve the right to apply and notify you of special terms of access and use of the Website regarding special categories of data or services that might be provided via the Website. You will have the chance to be informed, and as long as it is a prerequisite, accept those special terms before getting the particular service or reject them, thus blocking access to and use of the corresponding content. 

In all cases that access to or use of the Website requires the processing of your personal data, we declare that this processing will be realized in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the additional laws about data protection.

You can get informed in detail about the processing of your personal data by our Site Owner within the framework of the Website operation through the Website Privacy Policy of our Site Owner. Moreover, you can get informed in general for the data protection policies applied by the Site Owner through the Data Protection Policy.


The present terms and relations set by them are governed and interpreted by the Greek Law. Any dispute arising out of the present terms in general and in particular in relation to their application, interpretation, violation and validity (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens. 


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