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George Vergados

George Vergados

Photographer | Co-Founder of Greek Instagramers Events

About Me:
I am a passionate photographer, a digital content creator and the co-founder of Greek Instagramers Events, a thriving photography community in Greece. With a deep love for capturing moments and telling stories through my lens, I have dedicated myself to creating visually compelling images that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From my early days experimenting with film cameras to embracing the digital revolution, I have honed my skills and expanded my artistic vision. My diverse portfolio includes art photography, travel photography, portraiture, street photography, event coverage and other styles, all of which showcase my versatility and ability to adapt to various environments and subjects.
As the co-founder of Greek Instagramers Events, I have fostered a vibrant community of photographers and digital content creators for Social Media, who share a common passion for capturing the beauty of Greece. Through photography projects, workshops, photo walks, and collaborative projects, we aim to inspire and empower photographers of all levels, promoting the art of photography and the exploration of our remarkable surroundings. I take great pride in curating meaningful experiences for our community members and providing them with opportunities to grow both creatively and professionally.

I believe that photography has the power to connect people, transcend language barriers, and spark conversations. It allows us to see the world from different perspectives and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. With each click of the shutter, I strive to freeze moments in time, encapsulating essence and emotions.

Apart from my photography work, I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the field. I attend photography conferences, participate in workshops, and engage with fellow photographers to foster a continuous learning environment.

If you're looking for a passionate photographer to capture the essence of your special moments, or if you want to join a vibrant community that celebrates the art of photography, I invite you to explore my portfolio and connect with me.

Furthermore, if you're interested in showcasing the allure of stunning travel destinations to the world through the power of social media, I can assist you highlight the breathtaking beauty of these places, ensuring these hidden gems become known far and wide.

Let's embark on this journey together, crafting captivating visuals, spreading the charm of remarkable destinations, creating unforgettable memories.

Greek Instagramers Events Community
George Vergados
Co-Founder, Greek Instagramers Events | 2013 - Present

Established and built a thriving photography community focused on promoting the beauty of Greece.
Organized workshops, photography contests, photo walks, and collaborative projects to inspire and empower photographers.
Curated group photography exhibitions that were presented in Greece and abroad.
Curated engaging content for the community's social media platforms.
Fostered a supportive and inclusive environment for photographers of all levels.
Collaborated with municipalities, regions, cultural and tourism organizations.
Curated innovative photography projects that highlight Greek travel destinations internationally, for which Greek Instagramers Events received a Bronze Award at the Greek Tourism Awards 2019.

Photographer, Content Creator | 1995 - Present

Worked on various projects, including travel, art, social media and event photography.
Developed a strong portfolio showcasing diverse photographic styles and techniques.


  • Proficient in using a wide range of professional photography equipment and editing software.
  • Extensive knowledge of various photography techniques, including lighting, composition, and post-processing.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, enabling effective collaboration with associates and fellow photographers.
  • Deep understanding of various social media platforms. Exceptional skill in developing effective strategies to reach and expand target audiences, effortlessly integrating photography into social media campaigns, ensuring cohesive storytelling and capturing the attention of online communities.
  • Excellent organizational abilities to plan and execute projects.
  • A keen eye for detail and a creative approach to problem-solving.


Explore my website gallery and get a glimpse of my artistic vision and photographic style.
Greek Tourism Awards 2019
Greek Tourism Awards 2019Bronze award - Project #My_Andros
Bell Books
Bell Books"#My_Greece:Villages" Photobook Release
Photovision 2022
Photovision 2022"Faces" Art Photography Exhibition
Philoxenia Tourism Expo 2022
Philoxenia Tourism Expo 2022Philoxenia & Travel Photo Exhibition
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